Case 20: Liu Jina a 1 year 10 month old girl 刘吉娜一岁10个月女童

Liu Jina was diagnosed with multiple heart defects after she was born. She received her first surgery in Guangdong in 2018 which was supported by funds raised by the British School of Guangzhou. She now requires further surgery to fix the remaining defects.


Her family is from Guanxi province and she has a 5 year old brother. Her father is a construction worker, but his income is irregular and her mother is a housewife. The family has a small plot of land where they grow food for themselves. Liu Jina’s grandparents have no income, so they depend on the family.


The family only have a small amount of savings and money they have borrowed for Liu Jina’s surgery, however that won’t cover the full cost.


We are pleased to support this surgery with funds from our new sponsor Mead Johnson. We thank them for their generous support.


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