Case 19: Liu Yang a 14 year old boy 刘洋14岁男孩

Liu Yang was diagnosed with a heart defect when he was born 14 years ago. He received his first surgery when he was 7 years old. He was also in a car accident when left him partially disabled. 


The Liu family is from Shaoguan in the north of Guangdong province, Liu Yang has an older sister. His father works on a farm and his mother works in a local restaurant. Liu Yang will also require further surgery in the future. 


We are pleased to be able to support Liu Yang’s surgery with funds raised by the Alipay campaign and St James’s Place Charitable Foundation. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Alipay campaign and St James for their generous support.

我们很高兴以支付宝线上筹款以及St Jame’s Place的捐款来资助本案例。感谢参与支付宝筹款的朋友们以及St James的慷慨捐助。

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