Case 20-10: Xu Xinyan 3m12d baby girl 徐新妍3个月12天女婴

Xu Xinyan is the first child in her family. While a heart condition was diagnosed for her during her mother’s pregnancy, her doctor thought a small surgery would fix the problem.


Since Xu Xinyan’s birth she had frequent bouts of pneumonia. At her local hospital in Foshan her doctor recommended surgery to stop the recurrence of pneumonia. Xu Xinyan had surgery at Guangzhou Provincial People’s Hospital on 17th June. Three days later her heart started to fail so she required cardiac and respiratory support (ECMO).


Xu Xinyan’s father is a truck driver and her mother hasn’t worked since she became pregnant. They have used their savings and borrowed money to pay for Xu Xinyan’s surgery and also the high cost of ECMO.


We are please to be able to support Xu Xinyan’s surgery and hospital costs with funds donated by the British School of Guangzhou. Many thanks to the students, staff and supporters of BSG for their continued and generous donations to “help keep the young hearts beating”.


A one year supply of Pampers will be donated to this family. We thank Procter and Gamble for their support.


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