Hopeful Hearts Guangzhou is recruiting. 心的希望广州招募志愿者

Hopeful Hearts Guangzhou team – open positions

1.Co-chairpersons (1 open position):

  • Prepare agenda and chair the monthly meeting
  • Give presentations to sponsors as appropriate and necessary
  • Maintain relationship with current sponsors and develop relationships with new sponsors
  • Set direction and priorities for the team Encourage new events and initiatives
  • Maintain oversight and involvement in activities Assist Secretary in creating and maintaining calendar
  • Liaise with Treasurer to maintain oversight on accounts
  • Liaise with Chengdu and Nanjing teams where co-operation is required
  • Interview and recruit new team members as required
  • Produce annual report together with treasurer and secretary

2. Hospital Co-Ordinators (2 open positions) :

  • Receive case notes
  • Go to the hospital to interview the family of potential cases, write interview report and make recommendations regarding financial support
  • Co-ordinate activities with the Hospital Team Leader
  • Follow up and review cases

3. Helping Hands Coordinator (1 open position):

  • Maintain the list of Hopeful Hearts Helping Hands (=group of people who are not on the (core) Hopeful Hearts team but are willing to lend a hand whenever there are HH fundraising events), communicate in the HHHH WeChat group about upcoming events and encourage newcomers to the HHHH team
  • Schedule volunteer shifts for fundraising events as required
  • Recommend additions to the HH core team as required
  • Assist with fundraising events as necessary

4.Events Planning (2 open positions):

  • Oversee major fundraising events, such as the annual Dare2Wear Party, Movie Night etc.
  • Encourage implementation of new events
  • Ensure individual organizing teams are in place for each event
  • Ensure that event reviews are being written
  • Assist with other fundraising events as necessary

5.Press and Publicity (1 open position)

  • Design and produce posters and flyers for fundraising events and other advertising material (such as a new Hopeful Hearts flyer) as required
  • Liaise with Chinese speaking team members for printing requirements
  • Assist with fundraising events as necessary

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