Case 1912: Wang Ziyue 7do Boy 王子悦7天大男婴

Wang Ziyue was born very premature, about 10 weeks prior to his due birth date and only weighs 1.23 kg. He has multiple heart problems but can’t be operated on until his weight has increased to about 4 kg. He will need to stay in the hospital until he is a healthy enough size for surgery. 


Wang Ziyue’s father works in a furniture factory, and his income is low.


We are happy to be able to support this family through ongoing hospital treatment for Wang Ziyue in preparation for surgery with funds from the Alipay campaign. Thanks to everyone who participated in that campaign. 


A one year supply of Pampers will be donat-ed to this family.  We thank Procter and Gamble for their support. 


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