Case 22: Lu Rijian a 6 month old baby boy 日鉴6个月大男婴

Lu Rijian was born in February. He was diagnosed with a rare heart defect and complications. 


Lu Rijian has an 8 year old sister. His family comes from Guangxi province. His father works at a hardware factory and his mother looks after his sister. 


Lu Rijian has already had one operation but requires more corrective surgery. Lu Rijian’s family have spent a considerable amount of money, some of which they have borrowed, but need further assistance to cover hospital costs. 


We are pleased that we can support Lu Rijian’s hospital costs with help from our recent fundraising campaign with Alipay and The British School of Guangzhou. 


We thank everyone who donated via Alipay and the staff, parents and students of BSG. Thanks also to Procter and Gamble for donating a one year supply of Pampers to the family.


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