Case 22-04: Boy Zhou 2Y 男孩周2岁 – A Thank You Letter on Thanksgiving Day

Zhou is a 2-year-old boy diagnosed with pulmonary atresia, central shunt, ventricular septal defect, and vagal right subclavian artery.


The little boy’s surgeries have been successful so far. However, he will need more surgeries in the future caused of complicated pulmonary atresia.


Boy Zhou is the third child in the family with two older sisters, aged 8 and 6, who are now in primary school. His family is from Danzhou in Hainan Province. His father is a temporary worker in a rubber factory with low income, and his mother is a housewife taking care of the children. Zhou’s grandparents are not able support the family as they also struggle with low income. The family is currently living in a local farmhouse in their hometown. They all went through a lot seeing the little boy suffered from heart disease.


Hopeful Hearts is more than happy to support Zhou’s family with the funds of the proceeds from our 10th-anniversary tee shirts sale. Huge thank you to everyone who participated in the process of launching the project and purchasing our 10th-anniversary tee shirt. This child was helped because of your generosity and support. We are thankful for your kindness! Wish you a happy thanksgiving!


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