Case 22-02: Girl Liu 2y 女孩刘2岁

Liu is a two-year-old girl diagnosed with several severe heart diseases. The little girl’s condition drastically deteriorated so the doctors recommended surgery immediately to save her life.


Girl Liu’s family is from the countryside of Suide County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province. It is a family of seven with two grandparents and three daughters. Girl Liu is the youngest daughter with two sisters who already are in the school. The family depends only on the income of father as a long-distance truck driver. Grandparents are on long term medication of chronic diseases. At present, the family is still in debt after spending money for girl Liu’s treatment. The child’s condition is complex and the cost of treatment is high. There is still significant shortfall of the surgery bill payment.


Hopeful Hearts is very happy to support Girl Liu with the funds donated by Utahloy International School Guangzhou. Thank you very much UISG! We wish Girl Liu a successful surgery and a full recovery!

心的希望很高兴用广州裕达隆国际学校捐赠的资金支持女孩刘。衷心感谢 UISG!我们祝愿女孩刘的手术成功并且早日康复!

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