Case 21: Zhang’s baby-11 days old babyboy 张桂华的11天大男婴

Zhang Guihua’s baby son is only 11 days old and he has been transferred from the family’s local hospital to Guangzhou.  He needs to be operated on immediately as he is currently in ICU on a respirator and his condition is life threatening.


His parents are young and the father does some construction and farm work but this income is not stable and their monthly income is low.  The mother stays at home to take care of their 4 year old baby daughter and as they are quite young they don’t have any savings.  They have tried hard to fundraise online but within a few days they have raised limited funds.


This baby needs immediate surgery to save his life.  We are pleased to be able to support this surgery with funds raised by Faye Rubin and Hannah Allen from the American International School Guangzhou.

这名婴儿亟待手术,我们也很高兴帮助到他们。本台病例我们以广州美国人学校的Faye Rubin和Hannah Allen筹集的款项来资助。

A huge thank you to Faye, Hannah, and the girl Scouts for making this possible.  We would also like to thank the staff, parents and students of AISG for their support.

感谢Faye, Hannah以及美国人学校的女童子军团成员。同时感谢学校师生,工作人员和家长们的大力支持。

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