Case 21-14: Baby Boy Zhou 6m 宝贝男童周6个月

Baby boy Zhou is a 6-month-old boy diagnosed with congenital heart disease when he was just one month old. The doctors recommended life-saving surgery as soon as possible.

男宝周是一个 6 个月大的男孩,他在 1 个月大时被诊断出患有先天性心脏病。医生建议尽快进行挽救生命的手术。

Baby boy Zhou’s family is from Puning in Guangdong Province. His father has a small income and takes care of the whole family including the baby boy’s grandparents. The family is still in debt after spending all their money for medical treatment.

男宝周家来自广东普宁。 他的父亲收入微薄,照顾全家,包括男婴的祖父母。 一家人把所有的钱都花在了男宝周的手术治疗上,负债累累。

Hopeful Hearts is so happy to support Baby boy Zhou with the funds donated by Guangzhou Women’s International Club. Thank you very much GWIC! Your kind and generous help is highly appreciated! We wish Zhou and his family the best for their future as a family!


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