Case 21-08: Boy Huang 4y 男孩黄4岁

4 years old boy Huang had a successful VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) surgery in November of 2021. He was transferred to the ICU afterwards. That was the third surgery in his life.


When boy Huang was born, he was diagnosed with jaundice, hydronephrosis and congenital heart disease. He had two surgeries for hydronephrosis, one when he was only three month old and the second one in June 2021. He’s still suffering from his surgeries. His mother’s only wish is that he will be able to go to the Kindergarten like other kids at his age.


The family is from Chang Gang Ling Town of Huizhou City. Since boy Huang’s father died from liver cancer 2 years ago, his mother is raising him and his 6 years old brother on her own. The family lent money but it’s still not enough to cover the immense hospital bills for boy Huang’s treatments. The expensive surgery became a financial burden for his family.


Hopeful Hearts is very happy to support boy Huang’s family with the funds from Clifford International Diversity Club. A huge thank you to Clifford International Diversity Club! We wish boy Huang a successful recovery!


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