Case 21-06: Baby boy Yang 8m 8个月宝贝男孩杨

Baby Yang is only 8 months old. His heart defect was already discovered during the pregnancy. After Baby Yang was born, his parents were advised to have him closely checked. In May 2021, his parents learned that the baby needs VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) surgery as soon as possible. The surgery was performed successfully. Baby Yang is now home to recover with his family.


His family is living in Foshan, originally from Meizhou in Guangdong Province. Baby Yang is the only child in the family. His father is a construction worker and his mother is a housewife taking care of him. Father’s income is the only resource to support the family. They meet shortfall to pay the surgery bill.


Hopeful Hearts is very happy to be able to support Baby Yang with the funds from Heidelberg Cement.  A huge thank you to Heidelberg Cement! We wish Baby Yang a successful recovery!


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