Case 21-02: Baby girl Lu 2m 2个月宝贝女孩吕

When Baby girl Lu was a fetus carried by her mother, she was diagnosed with heart defects. In the second month after she was born, she started to have symptoms of heart disease. The doctor performed the operation immediately due to the severe condition.


Baby girl Lu was born while her parents haven’t registered their marriage officially. Therefore, the baby girl couldn’t get resident document as soon as she was born. Because of that, her parents were not able to buy insurance for her. Her father quit the job from factory to take her mother to see the doctors while she was pregnant. Both parents are not working now. Grandparents on father’s side are farmers with low income, both old and sick. Grandparents on mother’s side opposed the marriage by cutting off their relationship with their daughter. Baby Lu’s parents spent all their savings and borrowed money from relatives they could ask to pay the operation bill. Nevertheless, they are still not able to cover the shortfall of the bill.


We are very pleased to be able to support Baby Lu’s surgery with funds donated by Javier Tora and David Pastor. A huge thank you to them for the support of Hopeful Hearts generously!  

我们非常高兴能用Javier Tora和David Pastor的捐款来资助宝贝吕的手术。衷心感谢他们对心的希望的慷慨的支持!

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