Case 21-01: Babyboy Chen 8m 8个月宝贝男孩陈

Baby boy Chen is 8-month-old. He was diagnosed as heart defects while he was only two-month-old with the symptom of vomiting and undeveloped body. The doctors suggested to perform the operation when he reached 8-month-old.


Born in Ganzhou of Jiangxi Province, Baby Chen was the first child of the family. His parents are persons with disabilities. His father is hearing impaired, and his mother has a mental illness. His father worked in a furniture factory, but he had to quit the job to take the baby to Guangzhou for the treatment. His mother is not able to nurse the baby due to unstable mental condition, so her parents are taking care of the baby mostly now. Baby Chen’s surgery is very expensive. His family has borrowed money and they can claim money from insurance, but there is still considerable shortfall.


We are very pleased to be able to support Baby Chen’s surgery with the funds raised by GWIC (Guangzhou Women’s International Club). A huge thank you to GWIC for the continuous support of Hopeful Hearts.


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