Case 2019 – 02: Zeng Qingshen, 5yo Boy 曾庆深5岁男童

Zeng Qingshen is 5 years old and has a 2 year old brother.  His family is from Grangxi Province and he is cared for by his father, who also has health problems, and his grandparents who are 80 years old.  Zeng Qingshen was recently diagnosed with a heart problem after he was hospitalized with pneumonia.


His father works, but his monthly income is low and has already had the hospital bill to pay as a result of the pneumonia.  The family has worked hard to raise money for the heart surgery through an online fundraising platform and have sourced funds from another charity.  However the money raised is still not enough to pay for the heart surgery.


Hopeful Hearts is really happy to be able to support this family with the help of funds provided by GWIC (Guangzhou Women’s International Club). A big thank you to all the GWIC members for their fundraising efforts.


We wish Zeng Qingshen a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.


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