Case 20-25: Yao Zixin 8y girl 姚紫欣 8岁女孩

Yao Zixin was first diagnosed with TOF when she was 4 months old. None of the schools would allow her to enroll because of her poor health condition. She had her first surgery in November 2020. Due to the complication of her condition, the doctor is still evaluating whether there would be more surgeries to perform.


Yao Zixin is the single child of the family, living in Fengkai Guangdong. Her father passed away after she was born. Her mother, as a single parent, is raising the daughter by working at the same time with low income. Despite her mother has three siblings, none of them can really help her to borrow some money for the surgery due to their small income. Her grandparents are living by the low-income welfare subsidized. It was extremely difficult for the whole family to cover the significant shortfall of the surgery expense.  


We are very pleased to be able to support Yao Zixin’s surgery with the donation from Fred Barbier and our general funds. Many thanks to Fred Barbier, your generosity helping to save this little girl!   

我们很高兴用Fred Barbier捐款和我们的自筹基金来资助姚紫欣。感谢Fred Barbier慷慨的资助,帮助了这个小女孩!

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