Case 20-22: Deng Zhengpeng 3y boy 邓振鹏 3岁男孩

Little Deng Zhengpeng is the third child born to his family. His older siblings are two sisters, aged 13 and 12. Originally from Hunan, the family moved to Guangzhou where his father and mother are both employed as Sanitation worker. Their low monthly income makes it a struggle to survive, so when their little boy was diagnosed with complex heart problems at 10 months old, age they used all their hard-earned life savings to pay for the first surgery to save his life.


Because of the complexity of his heart condition, Deng now needs a second, even more expensive operation. The family are unable to borrow funds from other family members as they are all low-income earners. They have managed to accumulate further savings, but there is a shortfall between what they have managed to gather and the final cost of the surgery and treatment. The family are hoping that he will not require a third operation.


We are very pleased to be able to support Deng Zhaopeng’s surgery with funds raised by the British School of Guangzhou. Many thanks to the students, staff and supporters of BSG who host many events and donate the proceeds to Hopeful Hearts for the life-saving operations that these children need.


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