Case 20-11: Lin Jiawei 1y2m boy 林嘉伟 1岁2个月男童

Lin Jiawei received his first surgery when he was 2 months old. At a recent checkup doctors found he needed further heart surgery. The second surgery was performed earlier this month, but he had complications and is still in ICU fighting a lung infection.


Lin Jiawei is the 6th child in the family. His father is a fisherman with a very low income and his mother doesn’t work. The family receive some support from Lin Jiawei’s grandparents.


Lin Jiawei’s family have borrowed money for his latest surgery, but they still owe money for his first surgery. Both operations have been expensive, and the cost of ICU treatment is also very high.


We are very happy to be able to support Lin Jiawei’s surgery with funds donated by Eugster Frismag. We are gratefully for Eugster Frismag’s generous donation to help families in need such as Lin Jiawei’s.

我们很高兴能接受到Eugster Frismag公司对林嘉伟手术治疗的资助,感谢Eugster Frismag公司的慷慨捐赠!

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