Case 20-08: Fu Hui a 22 year old young woman 傅慧22岁

Fu Hui is a 22 year old young woman with a history of heart issues.

When she was 13 years old Fu Hui received free surgery at local military hospital to correct her heart defects, but sadly the operation didn’t resolve her issues completely. She stopped going to school and stayed home. She was unable to study or work due to her condition.


Fu Hui’s family is from Guangxi. She has a younger brother and sister. Fu Hui and her siblings stayed in their hometown with their grandmother, but she has unfortunately just been diagnosed with breast cancer.


Fu Hui’s parents work in a clothing factory in Panyu, both earning a small wage. While they have borrowed a large sum of money for Fu Hui’s latest operation, it is not to cover the full cost of the surgery.


We are pleased to be able to support Fu Hui’s surgery with funds from Hopeful Hearts fundraising events. Hopeful Hearts members attend bazaars and open days and organize events, activities and outings to raise money for heart surgery for those in need. Many thanks to everyone who supports our events and buys our merchandise, craft and popcorn.


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