Case 20-06: Chen Xuanjie 1y4m boy 陈炫杰1岁4个月男童

Chen Xuanjie received heart surgery when he was 19 days old. At his recent checkup the doctor found that further surgery was required.

Chen Xuanjie has a twin sister. His father works at an electronic appliance factory and his mother stays at home to look after the children.



Chen Xuanjie’s family are still in the process of repaying the money they owe from his first surgery. They have managed to borrow a little more for this surgery, but they need more to cover the hospital costs.


We are pleased to be able to support Chen Xuanjie’s surgery with funds donated by Mead Johnson. A big thank you to Mead Johnson for their continued support of Hopeful Hearts to “Help Keep the Young Hearts Beating”.


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