Hopeful Hearts Annual Report 2019

2019 was a dynamic and very successful year for Hopeful Hearts Guangzhou. We supported 32 children and 1 adult to have heart surgery and raised nearly 1,2 mln RMB.
The amount of cases supported in 2019 was a significant increase compared to those supported in the previous year (20). All of the persons we supported in 2019 except one are making good progress after receiving their heart surgeries. We wish them long and healthy lives!

From a financial perspective, 2019 was an exceptionally good year for Hopeful Hearts Guangzhou. Our income doubled, thanks to the continuous support of several loyal donors, some significant new sponsorships and a succesful online campaign.

We are very glad to have further built upon existing partnerships in 2019, such as with The British School of Guangzhou. The engagement and support of students, staff and parents of this school were magnificent again in 2019 and led to a contribution of over 160,000 RMB to our cause – fantastic! Also the sponsorship by Merchiston International School of Shenzhen (MIS) and the British Chamber of Commerce (BritCham) of Guangdong, which started in 2018, have grown to great and meaningful partnerships. Besides these, we very fortunate to keep receiving the loyal support of many other donors, varying from internationals schools (such as UISG and AISG), social organizations (like GWIC), companies to several individuals.
New significant sponsorships in 2019 came amongst others from RB Mead Johnson Nutrition in Guangzhou and Eugster Frismag Electrical Co. Ltd in Shenzhen. In addition, with the help of the Amity Foundation, we managed to have a very succesful fundraising campaign with the online platform Alipay.

We are very grateful for the continued support of Gao Mei from the Amity Foundation, who works tirelessly to ensure that all our funds are correctly accounted for and carefully spent and that good relationships are maintained with our partner hospitals. We appreciate her experience and value her guidance and ideas.

For the full report please check the following:

Hopeful Hearts Guangzhou Annual Report 2019

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