Case 20-05: Lin Jiayi 7d baby girl – 林嘉怡 7天大女婴

Lin Jiayi is the second child in her family. Heart problems were detected for her during her mother’s pregnancy, although they couldn’t tell the extent of her defects from ultrasound at that time.


Lin Jiayi’s family is from Yingde, Guangdong. Her father works for local government. Her mother stays home and looks after their older child, a 14 year old boy who has epilepsy. The family has sought treatment many times for their son’s epilepsy, he is currently on medication, but still has symptoms from time to time.


Lin Jiayi’s family have given their savings and borrowed a reasonable sum, but even with insurance they can’t cover the whole cost of surgery.


We are really happy to be able to support Lin Jiayi’s surgery with funds donated by Mead Johnson. Thanks very much to Mead Johnson for their generous donation to “help keep the young hearts beating”.


A one year supply of Pampers will be donated to this family. We thank Procter and Gamble for their support.


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