Case 1931: Li Yulin 1 yo boy 李昱林1岁男孩

Li Yulin was born with complex heart defects and had his first surgery when he was 4 months old. He now needs a second surgery to help improve the condition of his heart.

Li Yulin is from Enping in Guangdong. He has a 3 year old brother who was born prematurely and required hospital treatment.

Li Yulin’s family live with his grandparents who are farmers. His father works in a ceramic factory and his mother doesn’t have a job. The family’s income is very low and they have had high medical costs for their children in the past.

We are pleased to be able to support Li Yulin’s surgery with funds raised by Guangzhou Women’s International Club. Thanks to the GWIC board, members and everyone who supports their events and activities.

A one year supply of Pampers will be donated to this family. We thank Procter and Gamble for their support.

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