Case 1930: Zhao Yichen – 2y1m boy 赵一辰2岁1个月男童

Zhao Yichen was diagnosed with heart defects after his birth and underwent surgery in his hometown in Henan province. While he was hospitalized for 2 months after the surgery another heart condition was discovered. He was referred to Guangzhou Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Panyu for further surgery.


Zhao Yichen is the first child of his parents, however his father has 2 children, aged 11 and 13 years from his previous marriage. Zhao’s mother also has a child from her previous marriage who is being raised by her ex-husband.


Zhao’s father was a cook in Beijing but hasn’t worked since Zhao was born and his mother hasn’t worked since she was married.


Zhao’s family have paid for the first surgery but have had to borrow all the money for his latest surgery. It is very difficult financially for Zhao’s family with a large debt , no employment and other children to care for.


We are happy to support Zhao Yichen’s surgery with funds raised by a new sponsor Merchiston International School in Shenzhen. Our sincere thanks to students, staff and supporters from Merchiston International School for their generous donation to “Help Keep the Young Hearts Beating”.


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