Case 1929: Zheng Zihao 3y8m boy 郑梓豪3岁8个月男童

Zheng Zhihao has been diagnosed with many heart defects during his life and in his 3 years has already had 3 surgeries. It is hoped the planned 4th surgery will be the last to repair all the defects.

Zheng Zhihao has 3 older sisters who are 12, 10 and 7 years old. Zheng’s father gets a low monthly income from the chicken farm he works and his mother doesn’t work. Zheng Zhihao’s family have borrowed a great deal of money for both this and the previous surgeries.

The British School of Guangzhou have kindly supported Zheng Zhihao’s previous surgery and have also agreed to help fund the costs of this latest surgery. A big thank you to the students, staff and supporters of BSG for their continued support of Hopeful Hearts.

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