Case 1928: Ouyang Zixuan 15yo girl 欧阳子轩15岁女孩

Ouyang Zixuan was diagnosed with multiple heart defects when she was one year old and underwent surgery. She was well until a year ago when she received further heart surgery. She was in ICU for a long time after the surgery with a serious infection. Ouyang Zixuan recovered from that surgery, but now requires a third operation.

Ouyang Zixuan’s family comes from Hunan but had been living in Guangzhou where her father works as a delivery person. She has a 10 year old sister. Her mother has taken her two daughters back to their hometown to reduce their living costs, leaving her father in Guang-zhou working.

The family have paid back the money they borrowed for Ouyang Zixuan’s first surgery, however they still need to finish paying for the second surgery, then raise more funds for the third surgery.

We are pleased that we can support Ouyang Zixuan’s family with her hospital costs with help from donation of BSG and from donors who wish to remain anonymous. A big thank you to BSG students, teachers and parents, and in the anonymous donors for their compassion and generosity.

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