Case 1927: Weng Wanxian 6m baby girl 翁婉娴6个月女婴

Weng Wanxian was born with multiple heart defects and has also had serious pneumonia. She has spent a lot of time in hospital since her birth.

Weng Wanxian is the first child in the family which is from Jieyang, Guangdong. Her father worked in a garment factory but recently quit to seek medical help for his daughter. Her mother has only worked a little since getting married.

The family have spent their small amount of savings and borrowed money from family and friends for Weng Wanxian’s surgery but she has had complications during her recovery which has resulted in a very large hospital bill.

We are pleased that we can support Weng Wanxian’s family with her hospital costs with help from funds donated by Mead Johnson. A big thank you to Mead Johnson for their generous support.

Thanks also to Procter and Gamble for donating a one year supply of Pampers to the family.

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