Case 1926: Pan Zhihang 43d baby boy 潘智航43天男婴

Heart defects were diagnosed for Pan ZhiHang 7 months into his mother’s pregnancy. He was born with jaundice and 11 days after his birth he was diagnosed with pneumonia requiring 10 days hos-pitalization.


Pan ZhiHang is the first child in his family, which comes from Hu-nan province, but currently live in HuiZhou, Guangdong province. His father works as a cook and his mother stopped working when she became pregnant. There is no financial support from the extended family. They have some savings but still not enough to the entire cost of surgery.


We are pleased that we can support Pan ZhiHang’s surgery with help from funds raised by the Alipay campaign. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the campaign.


Thanks also to Procter and Gamble for donating a one year supply of Pampers to the family.


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