Case 23: Xiao Tianxiang 10m boy 肖添翔10个月男童

Xiao TianXiang and his twin brother were diagnosed with heart defects during their mother’s pregnancy.


Their family comes from YunFu in Guangdong province. Their father works in Foshan as a cook and their mother stopped work to take the children to hospital. The mother and twins live with her parents in SanShui, Guangdong province. There is no financial support from the extended family.


The twins were born prematurely and were hospitalized in March with pneumonia, so the family had to raise money for the hospital costs, unfortunately they haven’t raise enough to have surgeries done for both boys at the same time, so the twin brother needed to wait longer since his condition isn’t as critical.


We are pleased that we can support Xiao TianXiang’s hospital costs with help from funds raised by The British School of Guangzhou.

We thank the staff, parents and students of BSG for their commitment to running events to raise funds to “Keep the young hearts beating”.

Thanks also to Procter and Gamble for donating a one year supply of Pampers to the family.


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