Big Thankyou to Faye and Hannah 感谢Faye和Hannah!

Last week Hopeful Hearts GZ chairperson Lonneke Bank met with Faye Rubin and Hannah Allen to thank them for their great initiative to organize the AISG Fun Run on 17 November 2018 together with the AISG Scout Girls. In total the event raised an amount of 26,800 RMB, which is fantastic as it will make it possible for Hopeful Hearts to support another child! A huge thank you to Faye and Hannah, to the Scout Girls and to AISG for making this possible!!

上周广州“心的希望”主席Lonneke Bank同广州美国人学校学生Faye Rubin和Hannah Allen会面,感谢她们和女童子军团共同发起的快乐跑活动。


感谢Faye, Hannah和女童子军团的小伙伴们!


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