Case 20: Chen Feixiang 5yo Boy 20号个案:陈飞翔5岁男童

Chen Feixiang is five years old and has twin brothers. He received surgery for his heart conditions when he was 8 months old and then a year later a second surgery was performed. After the second surgery he attended a check up and it was found that he needed a third surgery.


The family have already spent a large amount of money and they have waited until now for the third surgery. The parents are from Guangdong Province and the father sells fruit and vegetables at a local market and the monthly income is low. The mother is a housewife and takes care of the children. The family borrowed money for the first two surgeries and have almost paid this money back.


We are pleased to be able to support this surgery with funds donated by The British School of Guangzhou. A huge thank you to the students, staff and parents for their continued support. We send our very best wishes to Chen Feixiang and wish him a successful surgery.


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