Case 22-10: Baby Boy Liu 5M 男宝刘5个月

Baby Liu is a 5-month-old boy, diagnosed with pneumonia. Meanwhile,during a heart ultrasound his heart disease was revealed. This little baby has been hospitalised for six times. A heart surgery was performed recently.

宝宝刘是一个五个月大的男孩。他被诊断出患有肺炎的同时,超声波检查发现他患有心脏病。 小宝宝已经住院六次了。 最近一次他接受了心脏手术。

Baby Liu’s mother is an office administrator, and his father is a chauffeur. Since baby Liu was born, he spent a lot of time in the hospital. The expenses are very high, and the family is not able to cover the costs. So Hopeful Hearts decided to step in and support this little baby boy.


Hopeful Hearts is more than happy to support this family with the funds donated by the British School of Guangzhou and Steve Pan. We highly appreciate your support.

心的希望非常乐意用广州英国外籍人员子女学校和 Steve Pan 捐赠的资金来支持这个家庭。由衷感谢你们的资助!

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