Case 22-07: Baby Girl Lin 3M 女宝林3个月

Baby Lin is a 3-month-old girl diagnosed with VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect). The little baby girl is needed surgery and medical treatment as soon as possible.

宝宝林是一名 3 个月大的女婴,被诊断出患有 VSD(心脏室间隔缺损)。幼小的宝宝需要尽快手术和治疗。

Baby Lin’s family is from Chao Shan with very low income. Her father used to work in a local wholesale market to support the family and her mother is a housewife with no income. To send this baby girl to Guangzhou for treatment, his father cannot work currently. The family tried to raise enough money for the surgery, and they even sold their small house to raise money for surgeries. The family has a very strong faith to save their baby girl.


Hopeful Hearts is more than happy to support baby Lin with the funds donated by GWIC and the British School of Guangzhou. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your support GWIC and the British School of Guangzhou! Your help is highly appreciated! We wish Baby Lin all the best for her future!

心的希望很乐意用 GWIC 和广州英国外籍人员子女学校捐赠的资金来支持宝宝林。我们想借此机会感谢GWIC和广州英国外籍人员子女学校一如既往的支持!祝福宝宝林未来一切顺利!

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