Case 22-03: Baby Girl Sun 5 Months 女宝孙5个月

Baby Sun is a 5-month-old girl, one of a twin. She was diagnosed with Hydronephrosis during her mother’s 32-week pregnancy checkup. Hydronephrosis is a condition where one or both kidneys become stretched and swollen as the result of a build-up of urine inside them. After four weeks of her birth, she had difficulty in breathing accompanying with high fever from hydronephrosis. Two operations were performed save this little girl’s life. Complications such as fever and hard breathing got severe. She had to stay in PICU. During the treatment, she was diagnosed with ASD(Atrial septal defect), the third operation was emergently performed.

孙宝宝是一个 5 个月大的女孩,是双胞胎中的一个。在她母亲 32 周的怀孕检查期间,她被诊断出患有肾积水。肾积水是一种由于尿液在其中积聚而导致一个或两个肾脏伸展和肿胀的疾病。出生 4 周后,她出现呼吸困难,伴有肾积水引起的高烧。做了两次手术来挽救了这个小女孩的生命。发烧和呼吸困难等并发症变得严重。她不得不留在PICU。在治疗期间,她被诊断出患有ASD(房间隔缺损), 医生紧急进行了第三次手术。

Born as a twin, baby girl Sun’s sister was born with a less severe Hydronephrosis, but she still needed medical treatment in the future. For taking better care of two girls, the family moved to Wuhan City as they needed to be in the hospital weekly. Her family’s income was mainly from his father, a chef. They met shortfall of paying the medical bills after savings, borrowing and insurance.


Hopeful Hearts is more than happy to support baby girl Sun with the funds donated by PwC, Javier Tora and David Pastor. Many thanks to PwC, Javier Tora and David Pastor! We wish baby girl Sun all the best for her future!

心的希望非常高兴用普华永道、Javier Tora 和 David Pastor 捐赠的资金来支持宝宝孙。非常感谢 PwC、Javier Tora 和 David Pastor!祝宝宝孙未来一切顺利!

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