Case 21-11: Baby Girl Huang 8m 宝贝女童黄8个月

During a health checkup, Baby girl Huang was diagnosed with ventricular septal defect when she was just six months old. The size of the defect gradually increased and the doctor decided that she needed a surgery immediately.


Baby Huang’s family is from Luoding in Guangdong Province . The child’s father used to be an air conditioner installer with a small income. After a car accident he still struggles to pay for his own treatments without a stable income. Her mother works in a school canteen and tries to support her family as good as possible. They have been borrowing much money from relatives and friends and tried to fundraise money online but there is still a gap need to be filled.


Hopeful Hearts is very happy to be able to support little baby girl Huang with the funds donated by Javier Tora, David Pastor and Heidelberg Cement. Huge thank you to them! We wish her and her family all the best for their future together!

心的希望非常高兴能用Javier Tora, David Pastor和海德堡水泥捐助的善款来支持女童黄! 万分感谢!我们期待女童黄早日康复,健康幸福的和家人生活在一起!

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