Case 21-05: Chen’s baby daughter 26 days 陈女士女儿26天

Baby girl, Chen’s daughter was only 26 days old. She was born premature and had to stay in the neonatal ICU straight from when she came into this world. Meanwhile, she was born with a severe heart condition, and her situation worsened quickly after her arrival. She needed constant respiratory support in the ICU, while a quick surgery was the only solution to save her life.


Chen’s daughter and her family are from Guangning County in Guangdong. She is the only baby of this family. The couple tried to have a child for a long time, but IVF was the only option to fulfil this dream. After two very sad miscarriages the couple was happy to finally be pregnant with baby girl. But the IVF treatment was expensive and depleted all the funds of the family. Due to the treatment, Chen couldn’t work, and her husband only has a very small income. Although friends and family helped as much as they could to contribute to Chen’s daughter’s heart surgery, the money they’ve raised was by far not enough.


We are very pleased to be able to support Chen’s daughter with funds raised by the British School of Guangzhou. Many thanks to the students, staff and supporters of BSG who host many events and donate the proceeds to Hopeful Hearts for the lifesaving operations that these children need. We wish her a successful recovery.


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