Case 21-04: Baby boy He 8m 8个月宝贝男孩和

Baby He is an 8-month-old boy. He and his family are from Yunnan province. His heart condition was discovered when his mother was 6 months pregnant. After Baby He was born, his condition didn’t seem severe. But when he was 8 months old, his situation got very serious and heart surgery was required as soon as possible.


Baby He’s parents have two boys. His family is living with 90 years old great-grandfather and 60 years old grandfather now. Baby He’s parents are farmers, providing for the whole family with only a very low annual income. The children’s great-grandmother passed away last year after 4 years severe sickness. For her treatment the family had to borrow a large amount of money so that they are the deep financial debt now. For Baby He’s surgery, the possibilities of raising further financial support are extremely difficult and the insurance can only cover 40% of the treatment.


We are very pleased to be able to support Baby He with the funds donated by Helen Price. A huge thank you to Helen Price, our long-term supporter! We wish Baby He a successful recovery.

我们非常高兴能用Helen Price的捐款来资助宝贝和的手术。衷心感谢Helen Price对心的希望一如既往的支持!祝愿宝贝和早日康复!

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