Case 20-27: Cai Junrui 12y Boy 蔡俊锐12岁男孩

Cai Junrui is a 12-year-old boy. Due to lack of sufficient nutrition, he is stunted, looking smaller than the same age children. Not long ago, he was diagnosed complicated heart defects after he had been sent to hospital with the symptom of severe fever. The doctor performed the surgery immediately considering his acute sick situation.


Cai Junrui’s parents are both persons with hearing impairment. Her mother also has a mental illness. He was born as the first child in the family with four siblings. Unfortunately, two siblings were passed away due to certain health problems. His parents have very low income subsided by the government. Due to the mental disorder, his mother didn’t recognize Cai Junrui as her biological child and denied to raise him. His aunt, father’s sister fostered him and took care of him. His aunt and aunt’s husband are in their 60s, making living as fishermen with small income. They also have to help their two married sons to take care of their grandchildren. To save Cai Junrui, his aunt borrowed money from all their relatives, but still they met a significant shortfall to pay the expensive operation bill.


We are very pleased to be able to support Cai Junrui by the donation from Penny Lee. Many thanks to Penny Lee for your continuous generosity! 

我们很高兴用Penny Lee的个人捐款来资助蔡俊锐。感谢Penny Lee长期慷慨捐助和支持!

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