Case 20-21: Li Bin 55d baby boy 黎彬 55天男婴

Little Li Bin is the fifth child of his family. Soon after the birth it was discovered that Li Bin had a serious heart condition requiring surgery. Initially it was thought that the surgery could be performed at 5 months, but Li Bin’s deteriorating health meant that the surgery needed to be performed as soon as possible.


Li Bin’s parents are farmers from neighbouring Guangxi province. The rice and peanuts they grow provide only a meagre income, and with four other children to feed, clothe and educate it is always a struggle to make ends meet. The grandparents are old and sick, so unable to help and the other family members are also farmers, so they have been unable to raise all the funds necessary for the surgery their baby needs to survive. The family already spent all the money they raised on ICU costs and the fee for the ambulance to transfer Li Bin to hospital in Guangzhou.


We are very pleased to be able to support Li Bin’s surgery with funds raised by the British School of Guangzhou. Many thanks to the students, staff and supporters of BSG who host many events and donate the proceeds to Hopeful Hearts for the lifesaving operations that these children need.


A one-year supply of Pampers will be donated to this family. We thank Procter and Gamble for their continued support.


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