Case 20-20: Liang Jinghua 9d boy梁景华 9天男童

It is always worrying to be pregnant with twins, but during her 25th month of pregnancy Jing Hua’s mother discovered that one of her twins may have a serious heart condition. Shortly after birth the Doctors confirmed that Jing Hua needed heart surgery within the next 14 days if he was to survive.


The family comes from nearby Guangxi Province, but Jing Hua’s mother is originally from Zhao Qi in Guangdong Province They are currently living and working in Foshan with one elder son (two years old) and the newborn twins. Dad works as a salesman in a local business and Mum is an office clerk. Although the both work hard, trying to raise funds to cover the cost of their little son’s surgery is an impossible task. Due to various family problems, the wider family are not in a position to help out with the surgery cost. They have managed to borrow some funds from friends and more distant family members and while insurance will cover a percentage of the total cost, the family are left with a considerable shortfall.


Through the generosity of Eugster Frismag AG in Shenzhen and personal donations made by Rachel Zheng and Angela SiTu we are delighted to be able to support little Jing Hua Liang and his family to cover some of the cost of the surgery.

我们很高兴能接受到Eugster Frismag公司, Rachel Zheng和Angela SiTu个人对梁景华手术治疗的资助,衷心感谢Eugster Frismag公司,Rachel Zheng和Angela SiTu的慷慨捐赠!

A one-year supply of Pampers will be donated to this family. We thank Proctor & Gamble for their continuing support.


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