Case 20-19: Yang Zichen 3y boy羊梓晨 三岁男孩

Shortly after he was born, Yang Zichen was diagnosed with a serious heart condition. Yang Zichen is now 3 year old boy, until now he has been receiving medicine to keep him alive which has been a huge financial burden on the family. In order for Yang Zichen to have any prospect of a nor-mal life and to be able to go to school, he needed major heart surgery.


The family come from Hainan Province and he has two siblings, one 4 years old and a baby of 9 months. His Mum does not have a job because she needs to take care of her three children and the father doesn’t not have stable job, so it is a struggle for the family to make ends meet.


We are very pleased to be able to support Yang Zichen’s surgery with funds raised by the British School of Guangzhou. Many thanks to the students, staff and supporters of BSG who host many events and donate the proceeds to Hopeful Hearts for the lifesaving operations that these children need.


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