Case 20-15: Lin Yuxuan 3y3m girl 林雨萱 3岁3个月女孩

Lin Yuxuan is from a village in Guangxi. Since her birth she has frequently been sick. Recently her mother brought her to a city hospital where she was diagnosed with heart problems and the doctors recommended she come to Guangzhou for surgery.


Lin Yuxuan’s parents divorced early in 2019. Since then her mother has been working in an earphone factory to support her as her father doesn’t provide any financial help. Lin Yuxuan’s surgery is very expensive. Her mother has borrowed money from relatives and friends and she can claim money from insurance, but there is still a considerable shortfall.


We are very pleased to be able to support Lin Yuxuan’s surgery with funds raised by the Utahloy International School of Guangzhou. UISG promotes values of empathy and care for families of children with life-threatening heart conditions and is a regular sponsor of Hopeful Hearts. Many thanks to the students, staff, and supporters of UISG for their continued generosity.


We wish Lin Yuxuan and full and speedy recovery.


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