Case 20-14: Xiao Tian Zhi 1y8m boy 肖天智 1岁8个月男童

Xiao Tian Zhi is the eldest of twin brothers. During their mother’s pregnancy heart problems were detected for both boys. They were born prematurely. Hopeful Hearts supported Xiao Tian Zhi’s younger brother’s surgery in September 2019 as his younger brother’s condition was considered more severe. It is a good time for Xiao Tian Zhi to also have surgery to rectify his heart defects now. 


Xiao Tian Zhi’s family is from Yun Fu, Guangdong. His father works as a chef in Foshan and his mother stays at home to look after the twin boys. Xiao Tian Zhi’s family is struggling to find enough money to pay for his surgery as they spent a lot of their savings and borrowed money for his brother’s surgery last year.


We are very happy to support Xiao Tian Zhi’s surgery with funds raised by the Golden Lake community and Dr. Sebastien Dupart. The Golden Lake residents organized a Halloween party in 2019 and donated the profits to Hopeful Hearts. Dr. Sebastien Dupart is an osteopath who frequently holds camps and events and donates the profits to Hopeful Hearts. Many thanks to our generous donors the Golden Lake community and Dr. Sebastien Dupart for “helping to keep the young hearts beating”.

我们很高兴以广州金湖花园社区和Sebastien Dupart医生的捐款资助本病例。金湖花园居民将2019年的万圣节活动盈利所得捐赠给心的希望。Sebastien Dupart医生是一名骨科医生,他常常致力于举行营地活动并把利润所得捐赠给心的希望。非常感谢金湖花园社区和Sebastien Dupart医生慷慨资助来助力“年轻心脏持续跳动”!

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