Case 20-13: Wei Shi Yao 5.5y girl 魏诗瑶 5岁半女孩

Wei Shi Yao is the eldest of 2 children in her family. During a checkup 18 months ago heart defects were detected for her. As a result, she had 2 surgeries to correct her heart issues. Unfortunately, she now needs further surgery.


Wei Shi Yao’s family is from He Yuan in Guangdong. Her father’s job is to fix air conditioning systems. Her mother works in a local factory. Wei Shi Yao’s family have spent most of their savings and borrowed considerable amounts of money for her previous surgeries, so they are struggling to find enough money for this latest surgery.


We are very happy to support Wei Shi Yao’s surgery with funds raised by the Dragons Business Club Netherlands. Hopeful Hearts was the lucky recipient of a large sum of money raised by the Dragons Club last Christmas. We are grateful for their support and generosity.


We wish Wei Shi Yao a successful surgery and a full recovery.


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