Case 20-04: Huang Junping 3m baby boy 黄俊平3个月男婴

Huang Junping was diagnosed with a heart condition during his mother’s pregnancy. His doctors didn’t think his illness was complicated and recommended surgery when he was one month old. After this surgery more serious defects were discovered requiring further surgery.

黄俊平在妈妈怀孕期间已确诊患有先心病。出生后医生建议1个月大手术, 第一次手术后出现并发症,一周多之后需要紧急再次手术。

Huang Junping is the second child of the family, he has a 6 year old brother. His family is from Sihui in Guangdong. His father worked in Beijing as a cook and his mother stayed home looking after the children.


Huang Jinping’s family are fortunate to have some of the expenses of his surgeries and hospital care paid by insurance. His family have spent all their savings and borrowed money from friends, but due to the high costs of his treatments they still need assistance to help them pay for the remainder of his surgeries and ongoing recovery.


We are please to be able to support Huang Junping’s healthcare with funds raised by Utahloy International School Guangzhou. We thank the students, staff and supporters of UISG for their commitment in raising money to “help keep the young hearts beating”.


A one year supply of Pampers will be donated to this family. We thank Procter and Gamble for their support.


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