Case 1915: Chen Ronglian 10days old baby girl 陈蓉莲10天大女婴

Chen Ronglian was born was born on 15 June 2019. Heart problems were detected during the pregnancy, then confirmed after her birth.


Chen Ronglian is the second child in this family, she has a 2½ year old sister. The family are from Guangxi province. Her father works in a car parts factory in Guangzhou and her mother stays in their hometown with the children. Chen Ronglian was transferred to Guangzhou Provincial Hospital after her birth.


We are pleased to be able to support Chen Ronglian’s surgery with funds donated by The Utahloy International School Guangzhou. A big thank you to the students, staff and parents of The UISG. A one year supply of Pampers will be donated to this family. We thank Procter and Gamble for their support.


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