Baby girl Huang is a 3-month-old girl diagnosed with VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect), ASD (Atrial Septal Defect) and PH (Pulmonary Hypertension). The little baby girl’s condition drastically deteriorated so the doctors recommended lifesaving surgery as soon as possible.


Baby girl Huang’s family is from Huai Ji in Guangdong Province. She was born as the third child of the family. Her mother has two girls with her ex-husband. Since the death of her ex-husband,Baby girl Huang’s father has been raising her two elder sisters. Her father is 53 years old without stable source of income, working as much as he can. Baby girl Huang’s mother is 45 years old. She doesn’t have a regular job and therefore no reliable income. The girl’s grandmother is almost 80 years old who can’t work anymore. Her father does all he can to raise enough money for the surgery but there is still a financial gap that needs to be filled. The family has a very strong willing to save their baby girl.


Hopeful Hearts is more than happy to support baby girl Huang with the funds donated by the Utahloy International School of Guangzhou. A huge thank you to UISG! Your help is highly appreciated! We wish baby girl Huang all the best for her future!