A big thank you for supporting HH Charity Auction 2020 感谢支持慈善拍卖会

The Hopeful Hearts Charity Auction 2020 was successfully held at the residence of the British Consul General on 28 November 2020. Only 90 tickets were available, and they sold out quickly. Many people also supported the Charity Auction by purchasing raffle tickets for exciting prizes.

心的希望2020年慈善拍卖会于2020年11月28日在英国驻广州总领事Jo Hawley的官邸成功举行。限量的90张门票一售而空。很多人也通过买拍卖会幸运抽奖券来支持心的希望。

The silent auction started this jolly and very successful evening. Our Chairperson Rose Bierkens and our host, Jo Hawley, British Consul General in Guangzhou delivered heartwarming welcome speeches. During the live auction, conducted by our enthusiastic and able auctioneer Lena Gidwani, many interested bidders raised up their paddles in an exciting and quite competitive display of interest for the many quality items put up for auction. We are pleased to report that all of these appealing auction items attracted bids well over the original reserve price. The raffle prize drawing also served to reward not only the guests on site but also the supporters from our community who had purchased tickets in support of the event.

无声拍卖拉开了本次成功拍卖会的序幕。主席Rose Bierkens和英国驻广州总领事Jo Hawley致感人温馨的开幕词。在现场拍卖环节,在热情洋溢的拍卖官Lena Gidwani的主持下,有兴趣的竞拍者争先恐后的举牌竞拍把整个拍卖会推向了高潮。令人欣喜的是所有拍卖品都以大大超过底标的价格被全部拍卖出。拍卖会幸运抽奖不仅给到场的宾客意外的惊喜,也为那些提前买幸运抽奖券未到场的支持者一份惊喜。

The combination of auction, ticket sales and raffle draw sales enabled us to raise a total of over 115,000 RMB for Hopeful Hearts, a compelling testimony to the power of our community when it comes together. This marks a significant addition to our available funds and will contribute directly towards funding upcoming surgeries for children in need of life-saving, life-changing heart surgery.


Thank you to our incredibly generous sponsors for contributing to our auction, as well as to our host, Jo Hawley, British Consul General in Guangzhou again, you made this auction happen!

感谢所有支持我们的慷慨无私的赞助方和主持方英国驻广州总领事Jo Hawley,有你们的支持才有本次拍卖会!

Thank you to all our guests and supporters, without your generous participation, we couldn’t achieve this success!


Thank you, Lena Gidwani our Auctioneer, Wen Qian Sandra Ho and Sohoon Kim students from the British School of Guangzhou, Scarlett Liu, Residence Manager and the British CG Residency Staff, volunteering to help the auction!

感谢志愿者拍卖官Lena Gidwani,英国国际学校的学生Wen Qian Sandra Ho和Sohoon Kim,英国领事馆官邸管家Scarlett Liu,义不容辞的无私的帮助本次拍卖会!

hank you to our amazing Hopeful Hearts Auction Team, your remarkable talents and diligent teamwork fueled the success of the auction proudly!


Let’s continue, helping keep the young hearts beating together!



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