Case 22-16: Baby boy Peng 6M 彭男宝6个月


Peng is a 6 months old boy and was diagnosed with DORV and VSD. In that case surgery was urgently needed.


The family of three is living in Panyu District in Guangzhou. His father is a car mechanic and his mother is a staying at home mom. During general pregnancy check ups they found out that their baby has a congenital heart disease. This affects the baby’s growth and this is the reason why Peng is very tiny for his age. Luckily the surgery went very well and Peng is recovering fast.


Even though the grandparents started a fundraiser the money is still not enough, and they have to cover the costs of medical treatment and after care for their little baby.


Hopeful Hearts is so thankful to support this family with the funds donated by the AISG and Guangdong Country Garden. Thank you so much for your support! And all the best for Peng’s future!


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