Thank you EF for your generous donation!

On March 7th, Eugster Frismag donated 30.000 RMB to Hopeful Hearts Guangzhou. The donation was received by Hopeful Hearts Guangzhou's chair person Justin van der Meulen from Mr. Michael Hartl, the managing director of Eugster Frismag in Shenzhen. 

3月7日Eugster Frismag向“心的希望”广州捐款人民币3万元。EF的执行董事Michael Hartl先生交予“心的希望”广州主席Justin van der Meulen先生这一捐款。

Hopeful Hearts is grateful for the donation and the support, which helps funding critical heart surgeries for children of low-income families.


A big Thank-you to Eugster Frismag!

再次感谢Eugster Frismag!

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